Assign Data Table Problem


I Have a problem with the Assign + DataTable Activity.

So i have 2 Workflows.

The first one was a Testing Workflow where i programmed every Activity.

So now i wanna input my Test Workflow into my Main Workflow, which includes a Template with necessary Tasks.

In my Test Workflow this Assign works Fine:
DT_Input = Dt_Input.AsEnumerable().Where(Functien(x)Clint(x(“Sicherungswert”))<CInt(400000)).CopyToDataTable

When i put the Same Assign into my Main workflow i receive this Error:

Beim Verarbeiten des Ausdrucks “Dt Input.AsEnumerable() Where
ist mindestens ein Compilerfehler aufgetreten.
“AsEnumerable” ist kein Member von “System.Data,DataTable”.

For the Non German People, this Validation Error says, that AsEnurmerable isnt a Part of the variable type System.Data.DataTable

So now i´ve thought, that the Versions of my packetes maybe the problem, but they are all the same

Hi @Beere_Plays,

Please follow this link. I encountered with this problem too and this link was a solution for me.

If it is difficult to understand, I can try to help.

Kind Regards.

Hey check if system.linq namespace is imported in your main workflow if not please import it and try the code again


Sreejith S S