Assign fault

While assigning data tables to a array of data rows Im getting error can anyone help me.

Hi @saikumar_kuncha

Check this

How select on column in datatable and assign it to datarow array



Could you please share your error message.

If you facing the error about AsEnumerable()
Please add Assembly Reference to your xaml file.

you can refer below article:

Here is my Work Flow Please review it and let me know help me to get (78.4 KB)


@Natapong Thank you for your Fast response but in my code already had this line included even though I’m getting the error like assign faulted i think I’m missing the Argument and Variable communication can you help me on this.

And Also I tried to write CSV activity to know what data it fetch if this write csv activity inside the extract data workflow then it can write perfect data if i import out_DWData argument and assign int to an variable which is had default value New System.Data.DataTable then Im Writing a Write csv file it writes only some Special characters. find the attachment to see what i get.Data%20Scraping%20Aurgument_Error_4


You need to put Arguments to Output field on datascreaping activity in AttachBrowseriexploreexeACME workflow for pass value to Main workflow.

Assign fault on Main workflow because Main workflow cannot receive data that you extracted from web.
it confused about name of Variable and Argument that you created.

Please delete Variable(out_WIData) or change name.


Please change variable type of out_data to Datatable and add .CopyToDatatable to value of asign. after that you will export value in datatable to CSV

You can see it at below file (78.0 KB)

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@Natapong Yes It’s Working, Thank You So Much for your help.

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