Throwing an error ( Assign Datatable)

I have a scenario where assign is throwing object reference basically a data table variable

Any idea why this is happening

Also I was assigning some linq operation to that datatable


Its because here DataTable variable holds nothing but you are trying to apply some manipulations.

Please check whether DataTable variable holds any value or not before applying query on it.

          varDataTable.Rows.Count > 0

your datatable is null (not initialized with any headers or data)

you can check if your dt is null first before doing the assign. put
dt is nothing
in if statement

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I am just stuck with an issue in assign activity for a datatable where it’s saying object reference

Any idea why this occurs

Basically I am doing some linq operation

So basically just have a count before assign activity @Harshith_Ts

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Thanks guys my query was solved, forgot to close topic

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