Appended range does not start at first column

Hi, I am new to UiPath and RPA. I am using append range within the process of copying excel sheet in multiple excel workbook to a template workbook. I am trying to append the data inside the excel sheet after copying to the specified template workbook sheet but the appended data does not start at first column.

Or will it be better if I append it after copying process is completed?

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Hi, can you share a screenshot of what should be the correct excel sheet?

try Check AddHeader

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Hi, you can use “Write Range” activity after all the copying is done and you can specify the exact cell where the data is to be written. Hope this helps!

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By definition ‘Append Range’ activity adds data starting from the end of the excel sheet.

What you can do:
If you are going to append in a loop you need to empty the datatable of already added rows (i.e. while appending in excel datatable should contain only new rows)
or you can append only once after the loop with full datatable.

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So in other words… I can’t use ‘Append Range’ activity if I have a customized template for Data Table as destination?

Hi, I’ve attempted ‘Write Range’ activity but It seem to overwrite the data table while it is looping. Would appreciate if you have an example on how to write it under the data table while in the loop. Thank you

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Yes, write range does overwrite any pre-existing data. Please check these links to see if they solve your issue:


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