Problems with Append Range- comes up blank

Hello, I have a sheet where I want to add datatable to it every week and therefore, I am using append range as it adds on each week.
In the first iteration the sheet only has the table headings.
However, the sheet comes up blank when I try.
Using write range works however, I must use append because I want it to add on each week.
In the local window, the datatable is present.

Please let me know if you can help

@mzucker if you don’t can you share your file so that we can try to help you out.

Sorry I can’t share because it has confidential info, I can answer any questions that you have

@mzucker as far I know, as you said for the first iteration it has only headers data and you are using append range actually we don’t have the option add headers in append range activity, i’e the reason it’s not writing data in it.

For this you can do like this if the column names are same for every week do one thing create a excel sheet with the column names before itself and then give that excel file name in append range activity. Try this once plz let me know if any mistake occurs.

I think you’ve misunderstood
The Excel file has preexisting column names
My complete datatable should be writing below the column names, but it doesnt

@mzucker yes even though your excel file has column names ,when you use append range it won’t write the column names,it simply append the data without column names,so for that purpose what i’m saying is create a excel sheet with the column names which are there in your excel file and in the append range activity give that excel sheet file name.then it will write data as per your requirement.

no the data itself isn’t appended, I am just left with the original excel sheet

@mzucker New (17.7 KB) have a look ,this might be useful for you.plz let me know if you have any doubts

@mzucker did it works

Hi, I encountered the same problem.

I built a data table in Uipath. When I use the activity “Output Data Table” and then “Write Line” I see that there is data in my created Data Table.

Then I used Excel Application Scope and there the Append range (my excel sheet is called “Exporte” and my data table in uipath “dtExtract”). I do not get any error message and when I let it run, I see that it opens the excel. However, when I open the excel afterwards, it is still empty. My excel contains at the moment only the column names.

@venkatmalla6 I looked at your solution, but it did not work. Any idea why?

Grateful for any help.