Issue with Writing DataTable


I have a datatable that contains 17 columns. I am using the “Add Data Row” activity to input the values of the variables into the datatable.

When I am writing the values to excel is it creating a blank line in the first row which is causing some issues. I am using the append range activity to write the information into excel. I think it is the column headers that is causing problems. Is there a way write the information into my excel without having the blank row?


Hi hamiltonjames,

I believe the issue here is the activity you’re using to write to the Excel file. “Append Range” adds your data table to the currently existing content in Excel, whereas “Write Range” writes it into the table starting at a certain cell (defaulting to A1).

My theory as to what is happening to you currently is that the Excel sheet technically contains a single blank row when you append to it, so the first row is kept blank, and your data is added below it. If you use “Write Range” instead, it should start your data at the top of the sheet (or wherever you specify it should start writing).



Hi @hamiltonjames

Check if your build datatable has blank row values.
Try using remove row on index 0.

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