Append Range Blank Lines

I am having issues with Append Range adding blank lines. My process takes one data table and appends it to an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has alot of formulas that is expanded into the new data correctly. I close the spreadsheet and when I try to append another similar data table it is always leaving blank lines (sometimes over 100). The data gets appended after the blank lines and as a result is not formatted into my table on the master spreadsheet.

Any suggestions?

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Same here, when the data is more than 100 rows it’s not appending when I trigger from Orchestrator. It’s appending when open VM and run.


Actually Append Range activity should work here. Don’t know what’s went wrong.

You can try below way to overcome this issue.

  1. First use Read Range activity to read the data from existing sheet and will give you output as DataTable and say ‘DT’

     Int rowCount = DT.Rows.count
  2. Then use Write Range activity to write into the same excel file and provide range as “A”+(rowCount+1).Tostring

Note: If existing data contains column headers then it should be rowCount + 1 else it should be rowCount

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Hi @lakshman,

Even I’m using given solution, it’s not writing (Appending) the data in the excel (Running from Orchestrator). If I login to VM and ran, it’s working fine.

Why is this?


I had the same problem. In my case it was a mistake in “Build Data Table”. By Default “Build Data Table” comes with a blank row, i didn’t exclude it and was using “Add Data Row” and “Append Range”, so it was appending the Data Table’s blank row.

I just deleted it and the problem was solved.