Excel Append range missunderstandings

Hello guys. So I have a need to create a workflow that writes data to one excel sheet. But the thing is, that next time I run it, i need to delete all the old data from the sheet and write new one from column a row 1. I did clear sheet activity, but when i Write new data with append option, the data starts from the point where the old data ended. How to fix this? :smiley:

Hi @Povilas_Jonikas

Try by using read range and clear datatable, process the data(Append new data) and then write range

Hope it helps!!

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Try following.

  1. Use Clear Sheet/Range/Table activity to clear the data
  2. Use Save Excel File to save the changes.
  3. Use Append range to append new data.
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Thanks guys, both solutions worked, but wanted to ask another quick question. The data always starts to write on row 396. How can it be? This is how my write datatable to excel looks:



Can you try by unchecking append option

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Found out it my self. The file was incorrect, there were empty spaces for some reason everywhere :smiley: Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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