Computer vision API key on-prem orchestrator version

I have enterprise version on-prem orchestrator. How do I get the enterprise computer vision API key from orchestrator ? Or I need to purchase the Computer vision API key?


You need to purchase API key as you are using On-premises Orchestrator. We will get trail key if we are using Community Cloud Orchestrator.

Contact UiPath sales team for Computer Vision API Key.



If you don’t have we need to purchase

Connect with sales team for more options

Cheers @jackyaa1

There is no purchase for an on-prem Computer Vision, but you do need to ask the sales team or your Customer Success Manager / Account Owner to get the license key.

We asked our Account Owner, but I imagine you could also go through the quoting system on

Also if you have multiple environments or need multiple CV nodes be sure to ask that they allow for multiple activations. It is my understanding that they will only issue a single key per enterprise, in our case we can have 5 nodes activated with the single key.