API Call Start Jobs not selecting Roboter Account and Machine

We try to start a job by API in Orchestrator (on-prem) by postman:

but the result isn’t ok, as it take a different userid

How can I select the userID \EXTAQSTPA?

on the machine xxUIBOT3?

Hi @TP2B

You can try adding the process to a environmnet and select the required bot in that environmnet .so when you start a job it starts only on the environmnet selected bot

Or you have this where you can give the bot id


Thanks for fast response. How can I work with environments?

Hi @TP2B

Are you on the modern layout?

If yes then use the api call only as Environments can be configured only on Classic robots

For you to start on specific id use Strategy as “Specific”

Get the robot id using get robots and get machines doe Machine ID and pass the robot id and Machine id

You can always use this api reference to check



Indeed I use modern layout (isn’t it the recommended?). I set to specific and tried robotID 0-10. I even can’t get robots, even if I have many:

Request gets nothing:

Hi @TP2B

It is recommended to use modern layout yes

Can you check from the swagger if you are able to authenticate and retrieve the data?

Also please look at this where you get info about getting robot id’s

And robot id might not be in serial and also you have to specify the machine id too