Problem to start job In Orchestrator

I have deployed my robot on and it is available. I imported some process but i can’t start job these. I explain when i click to start job i can select one process but i can’t select my robot. it shows me "No data to show ".
I need help.

Did you create an environment, add your robot to it and deployed process on it?
Refer to Academy → Orchestrator training if needed.

hello @andrzej.kniola. I have forgetten to do it.Now it works very well.

An other things. I want to know if it exist web service to start a process in Orchestrator.

Hi @papaass,

The Orchestrator API is an OData version 4.0 standard compliant REST API that exposes entities and their relationships using well defined access, navigation and modification rules.

Hope this could help you:


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Hi @Susana ,
thx for your help.
I have explored this document.
On the part where they talk the “StartProcessDto” i discover that : The Start Process transfers information from the client to the server during JobsController.StartJobs custom action. Supported methods: None.

Do you have any idee about the solution to get around it ?

Hi @papaass,

If you want to start a job using HTTP request you have to know the release key associated with that process, but also the Robots’s ids where the process should be executed. (In addition you must be authenticated in the orchestrator)

So the previous steps for starting a job are to obtain the accessToken, the release key and the robots’s id.

Finally the start job request should be similar to:

“startInfo”: {“ReleaseKey”: “1cc3318a-01da-478c-bb07-ec1bf6dc52a2”,
“RobotIds”: [
“NoOfRobots”: 0,
“Strategy”: “Specific”

This is a project sample (it contains other methods like getSchedules and getProcesses) but I hope It will help you. (15.8 KB)

take a look at this:

Please let me know if you need more information!



hello @Susana,
thx for your avalaibility.

I want also to know how we can pass to data to process when we start job it ?

Hi Susana, your example seems very interesting to me. Do you have another one compatible with the actual version of UiPath?

Thank you very much, that would be very helpful.