API Start Job Request to Specific Connected Machine


There is an option to start a job with API and select a specific connected machine?

From what I found, I can only select the machine template - all our robots are in the same machine template

Can you show us the API you are trying to access and what version are you on?

I last used in 2019.10, it used to give the machine-robot mapping, in which you can provide the robot and machine name

Hey @noam

You can start any Job via API,

Prior using start Job api you need to have two information

  1. Process Key
  2. Job ID

Both of these can be fetched from two separate API’s. The result of these two should be passed in a Body of the last API call (Start Job)

I am not sure about the specific machine, may be you can try with the Strategy in the Body section…


“startInfo”: {

“ReleaseKey” : 0000

“Strategy”: “Specific”,

“RobotIds” **: [123],

“NoOfRobots”: 0