AP Invoice Automation - Oracle ERP

We are in the process of implementing AP Invoice Automation using OCR and needed the below clarification:
How to deal with dynamic invoice PDFs - varying no of pages, varying number of invoice lines on each page, varying space occupied by each invoice line, etc.

Hi Divyashree - thanks for the update.

Yeah, the pdfs are scanned images, hence can you please confirm what did you mean by individual template.


You can use abbyy flexi capture which is a paid tool where you can create a template for each formats of invoice and that also have ICR options which help you to get handwritten data.

Divyashreem is exactly right - abbyy flexi capture is a great solution if it’s fine to create a template for each format, and it is a nice solution if you also need to process handwritten data.

One alternative to consider is using some OCR APIs that are based on AI - some of these services available in the cloud have the big advantage that they do not have to be manually configured and are template-agnostic.

There is a couple of such cloud services available - like Rossum Elis, infrrd.ai, SMACC or Abbyy Flexicapture for Invoices (a bit different from normal Flexicapture). I would personally suggest (in terms of accuracy, traction and ease of setup) is Rossum Elis, which integrates with UIPath directly and quite easily - see for an example Data extraction from invoices - Rossum and UiPath | Rossum . If you have also receipts to process, at the moment infrrd.ai may do a better job, though! SMACC might be worth a try if you need line items (though Rossum is introducing line items automation too, soon after writing this).

(Disclaimer: I’m affiliated with Rossum.)