Invoice Processing : Possible Solutions (Recommendations)


I am automating an invoice process using Community edition.

The invoices are in PDF format and are non-editable (scanned images converted to PDF). I tried the following approaches to read data from the invoice :

  1. Read PDF data using OCR : The data is coming in an UNSTRUCTURED format. Also, some part is not getting read.

  2. Opening PDFs in Acrobat reader and perform RELATIVE SCRAPPING : Taking an image and reading data next to it. I assume, coordinates are involved in this. But if the image or coordinates changes, the robot is not fetching anything from the bill.

Please provide any reliable solution for such processes. Would be really helpful. Thanks

Hi @Pankit

I would recommend using ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices for reading the invoices.
It has a machine learning functionality so whenever there is a new invoice template, you can easily configure it and the next time the same type of invoice appears, it will read it successfully. :slight_smile:

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