300 PDF/ Invoices

Actually my project is about extracting the invoice data from almost 250+ PDF formats. So my issue is how to call each workflow (Each PDF processing is one workflow) in a dynamic way with the help of variables. Please suggest the solution.

@Vineeth_Burle So you have 250 + workflows ? :open_mouth:

@Vineeth_Burle we have the same situation here 300+ pdf formats
one of my friend suggested abbyy flexicapture for this tho i didn’t try it yet


Hi Arjun,

Can you pls explain more about abbyy flexicapture?, I am not sure that abbyy activities are free of cost, may be for using these activities we need licence.

Please suggest any other way to resolve this issue.


@pattyricarte can you pls share the link for ABBYY flexicapture to @Vineeth_Burle

you can intsall intelligentOcr package to use flexicapture activity!

@Vineeth_Burle - i faced similar block with 1K+ pdf’s formats and i achieved with following steps

  • build your own Datatable with column names for easy loop
  • set your workflow names based on your pdf content ( like - workflowName_PDF_TYPE.xaml)
  • create a variable (main scope) and build your workflow file path ( like “foldername\workflowName_PDF_TYPE.xaml”
  • use ‘Invoke Workflow File’ and pass the variable as a file path.
  • if you have to pass arguments? create same argument names in all workflows and pass assign values before invoking the workflow.


Hi Girish,

It worked for me :grinning:

Thank you

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