Anyone know, why it is showing two red borders upon highlighted

Whenever I highlight any element in chrome browser it shows two borders and frequently browser gets crashed at the time of execution or session gets expired.




Any help will be much appreciated.

this can have following two reasons:

  • shadow windows (one is hidden - very sepecial scenarios)
  • display confusions (more often)

just close xaml, refresh the application and try again

Hi Peter,

I have tried all the ways but not luck, also the simulate method doesn’t work for these two borders element. Uipath does not throw any error for simulate method but action does not complete.

I am using enterprise edition.

then give a try on using an additional idx='1' within the selector

I can achieve this by another method but my main question is why it is showing two borders which are probably causing the browser crash or session expiry.

Hi Vinod,

Earlier I have faced the same issue but I have resolved by updating the ui automation package. I am not sure the issue you are facing the same. Please try updating if you already have updated one ignore my suggestion. Thanks.


Unfortunately I don’t have the internet access to UiPath server, I will check internally if it can be granted to update the package and let u know.

Don’t concern yourself too much with the highlight. It’s often a little off or whatever. Does the automation work?

Automation works but after sometime it ends the session of the application (web) and transaction goes into error status.

Sounds like that’s an unrelated issue and you should focus on troubleshooting that. The highlight issues have never affected an automation for me, I see it as just an issue with Ui Explorer and don’t worry about it.

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