Suddenly?! Chrome selectors have stopped working?

I’ve been using these scripts for a year now, suddenly the selectors have turned red (most of them)

and some “Chrome Legacy Window” field has been added to them. I cannot re select all selectors again as there are too many. Please suggest.

it worked fine after 2021.10, idk what happened suddenly

Was the web site updated? Part of long term management of automations is to keep track of when changes are made to applications, web pages, etc. to make sure those changes don’t break automations.

No changes to the website. Can there be any other reason? When I reselect selector I see it is taking like the old one

Btw it is selector of a chrome extension called sessionbox. I haven’t checked the website yet

I just want to confirm if uipath settings are messed up?

It’s unlikely anything is wrong with UiPath. Web site changes may not be obvious, they can be “under the hood.” You probably need to fix all your selectors.

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