UiPath selectors not working on other sessions

Hi All,
I am experiencing a really strange error with UiPath Studio. We have 5 users who are logging in to a Windows VM using the same generic account. The build works fine for 2 users but the remaining users are experiencing the “element not found exception”. All the users are opening up Studio and clicking on the run button, but the automation only seems to run for 2 users.

Any help please?

Hi @dean.torto !
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Indeed, when we had this error, it was because the automation use foreground (ui automation). And the error was thrown being it while the user’s session is active or not. We did not find a solution :neutral_face:

Maybe in your case there is a limit to the concurrent accesses of the VM ?
Maybe there are different settings among the 5 users ?
Is it always for the 3 users that UiPath runs the same error ?

I don’t think that there is an issue with UiPath Studio, I think the issue is linked with the VM settings.
If you find a solution I am interested !!!

connect with the infra team, and show them this issue, i too had faced such issue

Is it Web application?
if so it has to be added to the trusted site.
also the websites successive pages(next pages)link changes so you may need to raise a SNOW ticket. as per your company process.

Found the solution here:

The registry key that tells the remote connection to ignore the robot scaling

Registry Key Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\

Registry Key (32Bit Dword): IgnoreClientDesktopScaleFactor

Turn on = 1
Turn off = 0

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