UI Elements unstable

I designed an automation bot that fill-in a form and download a few documents. I spy elements that need to be clicked or fill in along the way. I test them all the time. Unfortunately when I run it - it keep stopping because it can’t find the UI elements - when I check the highlight-element is not there and I have to re-indicate the elements. It happened all the time in this project and increase the time to develop and test the bot. Moreover it is so unreliable - that I am not sure if I can set it up for automatic function.
Do you have any idea how to fix it?

UIPath people - I just like to report it - but unable to do it in the official channel, because I can’t find where is the license number located

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We can use anchor base…

Take Anchor base activity in the anchor use find element and in the action use type in to


Hey @vivianti.santosa You can use Modern click activity it will help you to find a reliable selector.
Beacuse we can directly specify the anchors in the Modern UI Activities. The anchors will help you to locate the particular element.
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Hello @vivianti.santosa

Is it failing every time at the same activity. Also, can you share your selector screenshot

Hello @vivianti.santosa

If your ui element keep on shuffle for each new session, then suggesting to use that with a reliable anchor. You can use the modern activities like clikc and type into to make the selectors more stable and you can tag the uielement to an anchor.

Yoj can try App/web recorder which is using modern activities.

UiPath- App/Web Recorder| How to use the recorder?|New recorder in the modern UiPath studio


no - sometime it just not able to be spy for no reason (Nothing changed the page that is being spied)

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it is not a dynamic UI element at all. That is why I wonder

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What browser are you using?
can you replicate it on a different browser?
have you tried reinstalling your browser extension?
can you share a screenshot of the error if you try to execute?
can you share a code sample?