Need Assistance With Clicking UI Element

Hey there!

I am pretty new to UI Path, and I was wondering if someone would be able to help me out. I have a UI Element that I am clicking. Here is a screenshot of how the element looks in UI Path


I have noticed though that throughout the day, it will just break. I think there is maybe some inconsistency with the elements around it maybe causing UI Path to not recognize where to go on the webpage to find that Show more button. Is there a way to make that click stronger to where I can ensure that it is going to click that every time?

I also am sorry if I am not giving enough information and will try and provide anymore context if needed.

Show us your selector.

Here is the code:

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Get Customized Loan Quotes From Zillow' />
<webctrl aaname='Show more' parentid='zcq' tag='A' />

Is this attended? Unattended? Are you using simulate type or send window messages? What’s the error you get? Are the elements used in the selector always the same - some web apps things like IDs change, so you shouldn’t use them - maybe just aaname and tag would be enough.

The error I get is that it cannot find the UI Element, and I believe they usually are. I guess my next thing would be looking at the inspect and seeing what code is behind that show more button to see if things change or not. I will try keeping just aaname and see what happens.

Also, make sure nothing is popping up that covers up the window UiPath is trying to interact with it. We have this issue sometimes with apps like the Webex control panel that are preinstalled on all our machines. When the bot first logs in and starts working, the Webex app will pop up and interfere with what UiPath is doing.

oh interesting, that is a good point to notice! I have seen some popups appear but they are on the left margin of the page away from the element. Hopefully those aren’t messing with anything, but I will definitely take that into consideration to see. Thank for some tips! I appreciate that.