Any plans for a "Dark Mode" UiPath Studio?



Would love to change the all-white setting to a darker background and light colored text similar to Visual Studio’s dark mode.

Any chance there are plans for this type of Studio customization?


Moonlight mode should have justified the release name.


Great idea, I would add that it would be nice for the Orchestrator page to have a Dark Theme too.


Can confirm this, a Dark theme or Night Mode would be really helpful


This needs more votes. Everyone is losing their sight using the basic light version of the Studio


I will vote for Dark theme or moonlight theme. My eye tired easily because of light theme.


DARK MODE! #MakeItHappen <3


It would be really nice to have a Dark Mode. First thing I did after installing the studio was to check for an options menu with dark mode. Sadly no options menu, and no dark mode :frowning:


Happy to say that this is in the works. Switching i_parked tag to i_planned. Stay tuned. We will announce when this goes beta. .


Imma name my first child Mircea! #DarkMode


Haha, this is amazing. Also a great name :joy:


18.3? Or 18.4? :smiley:




This is really cool man :smiley: :smiley:

“Hello darkness my old friend” :slight_smile:


That is cool

from The Dark Knight Rises

And yes Mr. Wayne it does come in black


Yeah, it would be great to have a dark theme color for UIPath. much easier on the eyes!


How ?


That’s so amazing man:sunglasses:sunglasses:!!! KUDOS! to you:beers:


The wait is over: 2018.4 Community Beta Release :slight_smile:


I love this for so many reasons! Love that you guys listen to the fans! :slight_smile: