Am I the only one who does not like the dark theme?

Something is missing. The colors are just not right. Too strong or something.

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@Petar_Soce U r not alone… MeToo :yum:

Hi @Petar_Soce,

Yeah, the dark theme it’s kind of new so I think it still needs a little bit of development but the purpose of the dark theme is to help the user to be able to stay focus more easily. To be honest, I don’t exactly for sure if it really works but almost every dev software has it. Also people say that only pros use dark themes.

But some of the images look a little bit blurry in my opinion.


Check this:

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I like it, but absolutely hate the bug where any of the pop-up boxes for things like arguments are shown in incorrect colors and unreadable until hovering the mouse over each individual argument

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Usage of the dark theme is completely clear to me. Personally I would like to use it. But this one is just off.
Hopefully they will improve it in the future.
Its a bit difficult I guess since it is not like any other programming interface

I like the dark theme, but find the logging messages don’t pop like they should.


You are not alone

I’m curious why you may choose the dark theme over the regular one. Do you prefer it in general or are there certain situations where you prefer to use the dark theme?

I prefer it in general. But at the moment not using it via UiPath

Team white here ! For UiPath at least and most of software

I like dark themes because they’re easier on my eyes. Studio’s biggest issue in dark mode is still the arguments not appearing properly as stated earlier.


I’m curious how the dark theme has affected your eyes – could you elaborate how it is easier on your eyes?

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I do agree with @nlee1131.

When programming we stare the screen for long hours non stop. This strains our eyes and it’s hard to keep on looking at a bright white screen. Even though you reduce the brightness of the monitor, still looking at a white screen is hard for the eyes. Dark theme is built to address this. Rather than looking at a bright white screen, having a dark background in the screen really helps to ease out the stress on the eyes. It helps a lot when keep on staring at the screens to get our program developed…

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I’ve done a lot of my development work staring at lines of code. Doing this through all hours of the day/night can be quite straining on a white background.

After using dark mode long enough with other editors and apps, bright apps become bothersome.

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I like dark theme more too .