Dark theme fix. Custom color scheme


I love the darktheme in Studio. But there are still a lot of buggs. Arguments being grey on grey background for example. Would love to see some more time spend fixing the Dark Theme in Studio.

Since the best practice of Uipath is to never hardcode anything, it would be an easy addition to have a custom color scheme builder. Define the colors for background, Text, windows etc. Il be building a Matrix theme or a Dos style layout for sure :slight_smile:

Points to improve:

  • Arguments in invoke methods are white background until you hover over them.
  • Uipath.database.connectivities configuration is white background. (all functions that have “edit query” or configuration.
  • The “OK” button in the “Browse and Select a .Net Type” window.
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Seconded. I would appreciate the fixes as well for the dark theme at least. I would like the ability to create custom themes, but I would happily settle for now with at least fixes to what we currently have.


Awesome. How do I add a vote option?
Edit: Found it.


I agree on this too… dark theme is the best and its easy to look at compared with looking at a bright white screen without straining our eyes.

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I think it would be helpful for UiPath if we keep a list of all of the things that aren’t right with the Dark scheme.

I’m on 2018.4.4, here are the ones I’ve found:
Invoke Method’s argument table is white, probably should be a light grey.

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@dmccammond Good idea. Ill add a list to the post above.
Ill add more when i find them. (there are more, but cant remember at the moment)

The “OK” button in the “Browse and Select a .Net Type” window.

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Hi everyone,just a quick update on the issues with the theme. Some menus simply proved a bit trickier to fix, but our team is aware of all instances and will bravely tackle all places that require a fix.


Yay! Good luck Dev team!

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.