Dark Theme for Community Forum



Hi everyone,

after a dark theme was finally released in the v2018.4 beta (God bless, thank you UiPath), I thought it would be great to also have a dark theme for the UiPath forum.

I spend a lot of time on the forum and a dark theme would certainly reduce the eyestrain i’ve been experiencing.

If it does exist and I simply couldn’t find it, I apologize.

Thanks guys, let me know what you think.


Yes, Please.

It’s strange, I think they’ve removed this option.
I have the impression that It had this option and I’ve had already activated it…


Cool idea, was expecting this with UiPath studio updates but we didnt recived any.
Hope we get this soon.


You can use any dark mode browser extension.

I am using https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-mode-for-chrome/geooakdjiamlhpechokegobmhdmlgidk?hl=en for chrome browser


Cool bro,
Thanks for a share :blush:


Amazing!! thank you




This is even cooler :smiley:


Thank you for this!
This extension is awesome!


Really cool, it is now a standard addon for my chromium :sunglasses:


I was going through the setting and I saw the theme feature in interface option:


Thank you, it is so much better now


Yeah, i’ve enabled the Dark Theme in Profile but there is still some css work to be done in order for all the functionalities to be visible on Dark Theme as well.