Any extra steps needed for the anchor?

I was trying to do the practice, all the input fields were selected and the name of the input field was set as anchor. But company name and last name still were insert to the same input field. and it got error after several rounds and said can’t find the firelds. I compared the solution and don’t see any extra steps. What extra steps do I need to set up? Thank you.

This is the output.

This is from the solution, Could anybody tell me the difference between the solution and mine? Thanks

Hi @Gary_Guo,

Have you tried running the solution you downloaded? If not, run it and see if it works.

I have no idea of your timezone but where I am at the moment (Lagos, Nigeria), it is 8:55 PM (WAT).

If you don’t mind, I have some spare time (between now and the next 2 hours i.e. till 11PM WAT) to do a Zoom session with you so we do it from scratch.

If this is okay with you, kindly mail me a Zoom meeting invite.

Hi @dianamorgan ,

As promised, I had a Zoom meeting with @Gary_Guo (after the Office Hour session last night) and I decided to share this so that other folks with this issue can know what to quickly do.

We were able to confirm that one way of resolving this issue of “Duplicate Matches” is to increase the Image Accuracy value under Anchor - Advanced Settings dialog (see attached image).

We changed it from 0.8 to 0.9 and then clicked on the Validate button to obtain 100% accuracy before we clicked on the Confirm button.

The automation ran perfectly!!!

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Thank you Afe for helping me in your private time( I know it was almost midnight local time). I really appreciate it. Not only did you point out where the problem is, you also explained the other problems I had before and made me clearer. UIpath did great job for this reboot your skill program. Without the help from office hour zoom meeting, I would never be figure out myself. Thank you Afe and UIpath team!