1. RPA Challenge - Dynamic Web Page - Anchor


Instructions here:

Hint - Anchor Base

Automation Challenge Winners
Can someone explain what is Anchor in simple words?
How to handle dynamic webelements
How can I Handle elements/fields of a web-page which changes positions on the screen
Find a particular text in a webpage and get the text near to it
Select a button whose position changing dynamically
Read Excel data and populate it in webpage
Clicking a link with specific content

Hi @badita,
Here is the code for the challenge assignment. Please find it.
Main.xaml (40.9 KB)


Hi @jibanjyoti,

Your approach (keyboard automation) won’t work since the fields are dynamically changing their position and order. You may have Last Name, First Name, Email or Email, First Name, Last Name.

The hint is to uses the Anchor Based activity. The task is very difficult… especially since the Anchor is not yet documented :)).

Selector problem

Hi @badita,
i did the work and also tested.
i am attaching the code file for the dynamic web page challenge,
please find the attachment. DynamicUIElementSelect.zip (26.0 KB)


@beesheep: Why aren’t you posting here? That will be deleted :).



I’ll post it in here:
here is my solution

Automation_Challenge.xaml (50.9 KB)



The winner is @ashis-kumar.singh. He managed to automate via selectors.
We’ll come back with a more difficult one. :))

@beesheep: your solution works too… but in the next version the coordinates of the inputs will change relative to the labels. Image automation should be avoided on web.

How to verify checkbox in webpage

no one is using anchor base. waiting to see @andrzej.kniola :slight_smile:



…there’s no need now. Maybe in the next RPA challenge.


I thought the same about @andrzej.kniola LOL


Congrats to all that solved :slight_smile:

Since it’s already solved might as well - attached AnchorBase solution (with ColumnName based selectors and a slight reduction in wait times).
100% accuracy.
Added a stopwatch - from pressing Start to last submission it measured 7460ms (7,5s - pretty nice) on my machine. Whole workflow with reading excel etc. completed in 19s.

AutomationChallenge1.zip (23.9 KB)

Using an Anchor
Type activity in a software or web form using Simulate Type
Value of type 'System.Data.DataTable' cannot be converted to 'UiPath.Excel.WorkbookApplication'

This one was relatively easy :slight_smile:
@andrzej.kniola - I liked the stopwatch…something new I learnt.


PFA My workflow , first i tried using anchor base but in some cases it is failing(where the two labels are coming side by side) than i used dynamic selectors and it’s working fineMain.xaml (48.8 KB)
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Hello, has there been a change in the rpachallenge.com markup? The solution provided by @andrzej.kniola has stopped working for me :frowning:


Probably. Though Anchor should still work in most of the cases.


Mix of @andrzej.kniola - column based selectors and @Jishnu_Kumar - dynamic TypeInto selector (without Click or Find Label Anchor) works pretty well and consistent with minimal activities. 12 seconds from Start to last submission

RPA-DynamicSelectors.xaml (16.2 KB)


has anybody did this using automation anywhere


My success rate was 100% . Yay!
RPA Challenge 1.xaml (32.2 KB)

How to deal with dynamic selector

hello buddy, I to have the same question that any one had done this with Automation Anywhere, If yes please give me some suggestions that how can I proceed further to do this.

Sarah John


Hello @ashis-kumar.singh , Thanx for your solution,
please Can you explain how you adjust the appropriate Dynamic Selectors as the selector is not available ?
Waiting for your reply!