Type Into 'INPUT 151': Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Hi All,
I try to automate processing file with www.Photopea.com.

In my process i have to change size of an image.

Then a window is displayed.

I Record the process of changing size:

When I execute Have the following error:
“Type Into ‘INPUT 151’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ”

Best Regards.

@AmarBouz - Try AnchorBase activity?

Thanks for your reply.
I’m newbie, I don’t kwow what is AnchorBase activity, but I will learn it and try it.

I try “Anchor Base” activity but i have an error : Anchor Base: Value does not fall within the expected range.

Uipath is hopeless. nothing seems works??
No one answer to my error.
all things is hopeless!!

Hi Amar,

Sorry that you have not getting help sooner.
Here is sample automation that might help you figure out on how to do it.
PhotoPheaAutomation.zip (2.8 MB)

Good Luck,


Thanks a lot for your halp.
I’ll try it.

I Have errors: “Main.xaml: Object Repository usage is enforced. Please add this descriptor to Object Repository or use a different one from existing.”
The Repository is empty as you van see below

In you export can you embed the repository, please?

Hi Amar,

I have zip my project there. i am not aware on how to do the export to object repository.
The point is, i am able to use anchor to select the image size easily using drag and drop from activity panel. you could try to create it on your own. Please make sure you have the latest studio 20.10.x to do this.



Hi Teddy
Thanks. You’e very awesome.
I will in my own.

Best Regards