Hi all, I have been automation an ERP application named odoo .In that im trying to capture fields like Name,company name ,Email id etc., to onboard a customer.While doing so im not able to identify the exact field to set the data or it is identifying and setting the data in other fields than the correct one the as field id is changing or for every few minutes and every field is a input field itself.I tried Recording,TypeInto & Dynamic web form automation like first identifying the label and setting the value accordingly.

I have been trying from long time could you please help me.
Thank you so much in Advance!!!

Did you tried Anchor Base? If not have a look -

Karthik Byggari

Thank you so much karthik ,but i tried in that way also its not capturing correctly…identifying the similar one as all are similar to each other.

Hi @sisira_gudimetla

Have you tried using computer vision activities?