Wrong data insert in wrong column

I am using ui explorer to create a selector but when I am executing this in role of company textbox address also inserted as mentioned in screenshot

Use anchors to get this resolved!!!

No valid selectors would work on this challenge :wink:

Good luck, in case of query do let me know :smiley:

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@Shubham_Varshney thanks for reply I am using indicate anchor but not work.I am using anchor click on same address every time but some it create different selector.some time aaname missing some time tag input missing some time it will show but every time I am clicking same address.can you please explain me what it happened…?

click on the text field that needs to be populated!!!

Click on selectors, then UiExplorer

Indicate anchor, click on the “Role in company”(As example)

Remove all the other selectors such as aaname and etc which can be removed and still be validated for the field

Try, and good luck :slight_smile:

@Shubham_Varshney I tried this also but not work


Use Anchor Based activity … Don’t Use Indicate Element and
Achor Base Position must be Auto

Right Side put Image Find Element


Can you share the XAML for my reference or the selectors you got while doing “Type Into”.