Improving UI Element Identification Accuracy in UiPath

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I’m facing challenges with the accuracy of identifying UI elements in my automation processes. Any simple tips or best practices to enhance accuracy? Are there better methods beyond the basics that I should consider?

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Hi @govindani.k

The accuracy of the element is mainly based on finding the element,
→ For one Target we can indicate the three anchors, If the element is not in proper position in this case we have to indicate the fixed elements as anchors which closer to the target element.

In the below image I indicated the 3 elements which is closer and fixed in position it will give more accuracy to find the target element by the bot.

→ When you are indicating any element the selector option window opens, In that you find the Strict selector, fuzzy selector and image. After the indication, select the strict selector and uncheck the fuzzy and image. This will bring more accuracy in identifying the Ui element.

→ If you want to use only fuzzy selectors check the fuzzy option and below of that there is an Accuracy option you can increase the accuracy to improve accuracy.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

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Hello @govindani.k

  1. Attach Browser and use Delay.
  2. Retry Scope for UI interactions.
  3. Find Element and Anchor Base for stability.
  4. Use variables for dynamic selectors.
  5. Fine-tune timeouts for activities.
  6. Implement logging and exception handling.
  7. Validate screen resolution and application readiness.
  8. Build selectors with full or partial matches.
  9. Use Image or OCR activities for challenging scenarios.
  10. Test on different environments.
  11. Explore Computer Vision for advanced automation.
  12. Keep UiPath Studio and activities up to date.

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I Hope you find the solution for your query, If yes, make mark it as solution, else here happy to help…

Happy Automation!! @govindani.k

Thanks for your assistance! I’ll mark it as a solution if it works, and if not, I’ll reach out for further help. Happy Automating!

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Yes please @govindani.k you can reach out to me…

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