An error appears when i try to start a job



When i try to start a job, i get this error. Can someone explain me why i get this error and maybe could help me to solve it? Thanks


I found the problem for this error and solved it but now when i run a job, it says “running”, the robot is opening on my computer but it doesn’t do anything. When i go on task manager, UiPath Robot (32 bit) is not responding. Any fix for this? Thanks.


Can you share your solution to this problem?



My solution for this problem is: Make a new project on Studio Community and than publish it, after that run this process on Orchestrator. My problem was that my old project gave me this error and the solution was to make a new project on Community and copy-paste what was old in this new project (Made on Community) and then publish it. I don’t know if you understood what I wrote here but I hope it helps.