After uipath update to 2023.2.0,my rpa did not work any more

Today “UiPath apdate service” notice me to update,now my version is 2023.2.0
when I press F5 to start my rpa as before, “output” just have 4 logs
“Debug started for project: 处理农场结账-鸡
处理农场结账-鸡 执行开始
Main Executing
结账 Executing”

and no more output , no error ,no pause ,no stop

Any one can help ,please ? I’ll try my best to describe with Poor English and translater. Thanks

Hi @hanycxd

Are you sure is that input file or input path is placed or not?

Certainly. but now it’s solved after I restart my laptop.thanks :smiley:

after restart my laptop,It’s working now,thanks

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