Uipath worst automation tool

Hello !
sorry to say but UiPath is worst af.
My automation was working fine but suddenly click activities are not working now,
sometimes indicate element is not working expected cannot find the element.
my client is thinking that i am not a good developer, but when I make him believe that UiPath itself is not a perfect automation tool then he believed its the tool problem.

My journey towards automation ends here. ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Can you tell me which version of UiPath studio you are facing this issue?


Don’t be disheartened. If I may, let me explain that RPA is based on the DevOps model, where development and operations go hand in hand. Once you have developed your automation solution, it’s important to keep a close eye on your processes as they may require maintenance at any given time. Being prepared for maintenance is crucial.

You are a skilled developer, and I understand that at the beginning of your career, I faced similar challenges. It’s important to educate your clients about the limitations of RPA and its evolving nature. RPA is an emerging technology, and UiPath is considered one of the most mature and reliable tools in the market.

So, don’t see this as the end. Start again with renewed enthusiasm. RPA offers immense potential, and with the right approach, you can overcome obstacles and deliver successful automation solutions. Keep learning, adapting, and exploring the capabilities of UiPath. Your journey in automation has just begun, and there are many opportunities ahead.

Funny, we don’t have these problems and have over 150 automations running over 1000 jobs a day. Maybe the developer is the problem.

Well then you had a very short Journey…This Road goes longway from here.

Happy Automation…!!

lastest community version


Sorry Mate, You cant put the words just like that, At the same time check whether you had any changes/Update in the UI of the Desktop application or Web Portal you using

What platform are you automating?


I apologize for the inconvenience. The bot mimics human actions, meaning it replicates whatever input it receives. If there are changes in the environment, you’ll need to train or provide new instructions to the bot to adapt to the new conditions. I encountered a similar problem myself when my client’s website underwent UI changes. Occasionally, there may be delays in page loading. In such cases, it is advisable to utilize techniques like checking for element existence or implementing appropriate exception handling. I recommend investigating the issue further to find a suitable solution. Alternatively, you can post your problem in our forum, where someone is likely to offer assistance.

Gokul Jayakumar.


This your fault that you accepted the community version for the production purpose?
Because the community edition not for the production related things, you have to educate your client that community edition is a testing playground where there will be regular updates. If your client is more concern then ask them to purchase the enterprise edition and it is more stable version, unless you upgrade

Hope this may help you