Community 2021.4.3 is buggy!

I have been an UiPath RPA developer/ architect for over 3 years. I’ve built hundreds of automation for clients all over the country.
This is the first time I’ve ever had so many issues with Studio. It’s crazy buggy these days!
I’m currently trying to develop a POC for a client, that is interested in purchasing UiPath RPA solution, but I have had so many issues with the IDE!

Studio has stopped responding in the middle of developing multiple times now. I’ve had to use Task Manager to shut it down and reopen Studio.
If I were using the beta, but I’m using the latest stable version.
I can record all my findings and submit a ticket if you have someplace for me to send details to.


You can use one of the following form to open a ticket:


But i must warn you, UiPath has one of the worst technical support I had ever seen. Its better to just post here on forum and wait for an aswer from someone of UiPath Team.

Hey @lucas.stern thanks for the response.

Yeah, customer service is not one of UiPath’s strengths.

Since you are the first one to respond, I’m still waiting to hear any responses to the buggy issues.
Studio just crashed on me during the development of a client POC… That just doesn’t look good for UiPath when they are trying to win over more buyers of their RPA solution.
Especially when their error message for a Studio crash is just an empty box that says “Error” haha.