Advanced Training: Assignment 2 Error

Please help me… after execution shown this below screen…

I have a query for this assignment. How to run this assignment: at first run the 1. dispatcher program then run 2. Performer.


Variable dt_workitem has null value so error occurred
Yes…first run dispatcher project to add queues items
Then run performer project



This error usually occurs when you are trying assign null value. Please check arguments once whether you passed properly or not.

  1. Dispatcher - you have to run this process first and will add all items to queue.
  2. Performer - After Dispatcher process completed then you have to run this process. It will read one by one item from Queue and will process it.
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Please help on this issue
Studio: AddQueue Name: ‘OrchestratorQueueName’

in_Config file:

@lakshman please suggest me on my above issues


Have you created Orchestrator Queue named InHouse_Process4 in Orchestrator or not ?

If not then create it first and then mention Queue name as in_Config(“OrchestratorQueueName”).Tostring

where in_Config argument of type Dictionary variable.

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