in_OrchestratorQueueName is specified: Value cannot be null

Dear Uiapth Community,
I have designed a workflow with the help of REFramework, however, the BOT is throwing some error like, " If in_OrchestratorQueueName is specified: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source in “Initialization” stage of REframework.

How could I fixed this error?
Your support would be highly appreciable.

Looking forward for your response!


You are fetching the queue name from the config file I believe. Can you check you have the queue name at the appropriate place in the config? And also to be sure you can put a message box to check if you’re getting the proper value.

Hi Vishal , Thank you for your prompt response.
Ya, I am fetching the queue name from the config. file.

I am sending you the screenshots for the same. Could you propose something regaridng it ?

I am sending a picture of the errors along with the “Arguments” under this workflow and Argument “DTRating” I have created while buillding manual"Data Table".

Moroeover, I am sending an overview of the Configuration Excel file, where “ASCM_CPM_Daimler_CustomerRating” is the name of the Queue , what I have created in Orchestrator.


This seems to be perfect. Did you try printing the value which is indicated as null in the output logs?

Thanks ! Sorry , but I dont know how to do it? Any suggestions?

Just put a write line activity or a message box activity and display the variable there.

I included the messsage box, but the same error is popping up. See below:


@pradhansauryashankar, the argument in_OrchestratorQueueName , what value are you passing in it?

But should i include “DTRating” inside the message box as varibale or “in_OrchestratorQueueName” inside the message box?

Can you please tell the purpose of the data table which your using?

After I put a message box, before the “if” function, the following message box appeared:
The purpose of data table is to include the list of different supplier codes, customer plants and their respective rating (as shown in picture below)


Try commenting out that if activity and rerun the workflow, I suppose it doesn’t effect the workflow, because queue name is already declared in the config.

Ok. I will try it.
One more Request Vishal. Is that possible that we can share our personal contacts, so that in case of any query, I can contact your personally, if its ok for you?

Whats your take on it?

yeah, you can reach me at

Thank you!

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