Error Assignment 2

Hi all
Please help me to fix this error, i was looking for possibles issues, but in excel file all is correct, in get item activity, all looks correct as well, variable set in correct type, i don’t know what can be the problem.
Please help!! trying to finish the Assigment 2.

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Have you created queue in orchestrator with same mentioned in Excel file??
Or for just check
Pass directly name of the queue in Queuename property


hi @sandeep13
Yes, make sure everything was fine, the orchestrator has the same name, and I even did the same thing you say. But the error still continues…

Hello @fernando_zuluaga
Error not in queue item.
Check where you assign transaction item
Make sure transaction number must be has value
Debug your project to find out where is exact error


watch the error

i cheked all, aparently i didn’t commit any error. Really i don’t know what’s happening

Hello @fernando_zuluaga
Is it dispatcher project or performer project??

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performer, dispatcher works correctly

Send your project I will check.
Just for confirmation, queue is created in orchestrator through performer?? Right


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