Adv Training Assignment 1, Data not available in GetTranasactionData.xaml

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I have similar issue, tried all ways, but doesn’t seem to work. Workflow is able to login and scrape the data, but it isnt being passed to the GetTranactionData xaml. The exception thrown is that the value cannot be null at the step where it tries to get WI5List.Count and check if it is less than the TransactionNumber.

Please help me out, attached the zipped file. (1.1 MB)

You can try to check the below.

  1. In the extract flow you have mapped the filtered DataRow to the out argument you have created.
  2. The arguments are mapped correctly for extract, gettransactiodata workflows
  3. The WIList variable in Main is mapped for point 2.

Post this binding fix your WI5List should flow into the GetTransactionData flow.
You can also add a writeline before the if to print the count.

@nadim.warsi Thank you for ur reply, I looked at the points, but still its not working. The data is extracted, but not available in GetTransactionData workflow. Attached the screenshot.
Per your point 2, do I have to declare arg say WIIDList? If yes, what should be its direction, In or Out?

Share your workflow over IM to me and let me have a look.

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