Advance Training 3 Assignment 01 Getting Failed

Respected all getting failed in the Assignment 01 while work flow is working correctly no spaces in the clientid-clientname-clientcountry no reset of data each n every steps verified. Please help


@abdullmalik please elaborate or share screenshot

Thanks for reply.

Please try to reset the data and share me your output panel

can you share recorded link for the project it might be the extract client info not quite correct !

Please Help, process is running correctly keep getting failed. please help

can you check if the comments section is updated with the correct hash code and the status of all WI5 items are in completed state.

Note: After submitting the assignment, please do not reset the data until evaluation is done.

Yes all checked already u can see the first attached window generated logs. No idea what is going on .

In the System 1 site, can you check if the WI5 items are commented with hash code (trim the hash code too) and in completed state.

yes they are with trim(clientid,clientname,clientcountry) value

Can I know the evaluation comments you got?

Dear there is no evaluation comment unfortunately !

Hi @ovi , can you please help.
Thank you.

?? Please help

Please help guys… struggling why getting failed read program is working perfectly while uploaded the video as well.

Can you start new project and use all workflows and see if that works.

Some of your tests pass, which is what makes this somewhat weird.

Run the process in debug with slow step and highlight on. Add a breakpoint when you take the SHA code and when you paste it.

There are cases where maybe the type into activity identifies the textbox faster than in loads and starts typing into it, despite it not being fully loaded, making something like “ExampleString.csv” type as “pleString.csv” into the textbox. which was not a valid file and it threw me errors.

If thats the case (albeit i do doubt it) thats an easy fix with setting WaitForReady from interactive to Complete.

Another place i’d check is the Orchestrator Queue. it might try to run older transactions after you reset the data.