Unable to pass Level 3 Assignment 1


I have submitted many times and still unable to pass to first assignment.

The project is able to generate and update the hash code to all WI5. There is no space in between clientID, ClientName and ClientCountry. I am login in using the same username and password for both my Uipath Studio, Orchestrator and the ACME site. When submitted, I did not rest the ACME site and I zip the whole document (the excel configuration, Main and Process workflow, and other folder) then upload to the Uipath assignment 1 evaluation site.

Below is the output result after the robot finished process the my project.

Could you tell me where is my mistake? Thank you in advance.

I wish I could upload or share the zip project to you but since I am new user so I am unable to do so.

You’re not using the client country. After the last - it should be a country, not an ID.


@RobertD, thank you for the hint.

I have checked my Extract Client Information workflow but the formula should be correct. Here is the screenshot of the formula.
hash code

Could you post a screen shot of what you assign to ClientCountry? And what value does ClientInformation has?

Hi @RobertD

Here is the Client Country:

Continue from the my last message:
Client Information: (are you refer tot the variable in the Extract Client Information workflow?)

Yeah, i was referring to that variable. Could you print ClientInformation? And see it’s structure? As far i can see, in the ClientCountry assign, there are some white spaces that you either forgot, or removed beforehand.

Can you guide me how to print the ClientInformation?

Add a write line activity after you extract the data. Or simply run in debug mode, and see what value it has.

Please construct your string in the following format and get the hash code -

XW47730-Shanita Plumber-Italy

Karthik Byggari


It shows error if I run the Extract Client Information workflow individually.


I have checked my Extract Client Information workflow. It has extract the ClientID, ClientName and ClientCountry.

However, the output does not show the country.

I have included the formula that I used for the ClientCountry assignment and the the formula of the hash code in this post.

I am not sure where is gone wrong.

At the end of the expression, instead of 0, put the value 2.

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It is still unable to show the country even I have change to 2

If change to 1, then it does not have any information for the country:

After scraping Client Info using Get Text activity - Can you send the output you are getting.

Here try to replace “ClientCountry:” with “Client Country:” in both .IndexOf, and .Length
Notice the whitespace between Client and Country


There is error appear after I have changed from ClientCountry to Client Country for .Indexof and .Length

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I have change the Arraychar(0) to 0 and it shows the country

I submitted for evaluation and the result show fail.

Hi @Sam_Kong

Please share this screen shot.

Also check Hash value is calculating correctly. You can put the value manually on http://www.sha1-online.com/ and through write line you can compare the same.