Adding WS-Security Configuration in SOAP Request for API call

Hi All,

I am trying to perform API Automation.
I am using SOAP service and the request Body is in XML format. Using Uipath HTTPS activity I was able to make API call and get valid response during development in dev instance.
Currently I am assigned pre-prod env, To make API call Following settings needs to be done in SOAP which includes-

  1. Adding certificate file(.jks) & password in SOAP keystore
    2.Creating a new Outgoing WS- Security Configuration and adding password of the certificate
    3.Adding the signature configuration

After the above settings are completed, we make the soap request after applying outgoing WS Configuration-> which auto-adds security configuration in the request header.
Soap setup links-
I need to achieve the same using uipath. Any help will be appreciated.
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Hi @Lipika_Porey

I think the easiest way to consume a SOAP service is by creating a library project with a web service, please refer to this article:
#FeatureBlog - 19.4 - SOAP and Swagger (based REST services for Library projects)

I have tried calling soap request as web service inside library. However, this activity only supports primitive datatype and does not support custom or composite data type.

Could you please provide a concrete example? Let’s see what can be improved here in case it is lacking some features.

Hello Lipika,
In this video, I use HTTP Request to call any SOAP API. I use these steps in case of special WSLD that are not compatible with SOAP request Wizards, also not compatible with new service from the library.

0:54 SoapUI application used to test SOAP API
3:05 Test commands from SoapUI
4:30 How can we test SOAP API from Postman
5:50 In UiPath Studio you need to install Web.Activities
7:30 SOAP Request activity
9:30 Create a New Service inside of Library
11:10 RAW approach to SOAP API command
13:30 How we build a simple XML
15:00 Run the process that builds XML to see the result
15:20 Create a complex XML
16:30 Step by Step XML creation
20:10 Main element creation that also includes attributes
23:00 Test the complex XML creation
23:50 Deserialize XML
25:15 How to extract Data from XML Nodes
27:40 How to extract Data from XML Attributes

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