UIPath SOAP (Post) request?

Hi there! I’m trying to send a SOAP web service request. There’s plenty of documentation online, all pointing to an activity called “SoapClientWithBodyFactory” and a helpful SOAP wizard: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/soap-client . However, that activity doesn’t seem to exist.

I also tried the Web.Activities.HTTPClient Request activity, but there’s no “SOAP” option, and when I use Fiddler I see the only thing being passed is a raw string of my parameters. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Hi @steve3886,
You have more than one way to call SOAP API:
1- Try using Library and then add SOAP WSDL

2- the second way which i prefer is to use Web Activity and use HTTP Request activity and in this case you can send your request and Activity body and just make sure to add SOAP Action in header
Finally hope this answer helps you and if you need any more explanation feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Thanks Mahmoud! I’m going with your second method. I added my parameters and the SoapAction header. The problem is, when I look in Fiddler, it’s not sending an XML Soap envelope, just a raw string of my parameters. Do you know how to build the SOAP request in the right format?


It’s probably settings of project compatibility matter.
For now, can you try to create Windows-Legacy project, then install WebAPI package? We will be able to use SOAP request activity.




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Thanks Yoichi. I’m not sure how I missed that SOAP request activity. I feel it’s definitely the way to go, but I’m getting some java errors using it, which I posted about here separately. Thanks again!

The most simple way to handle your request is to make Text File contains your XML Request - you can take it copy and past from soap application - then on every attribute value you need to be variable and will be changed you can add that in Text file - check sample screen below of that -

when create your sequence you will handle as below
1- Read Text File.
2- Make Replacement for any attribute you need.
3- Add HTTP Request and in body add the output of Read Text File.
it should work please try and update us if you still have issue.
also there another way but i consider it hard and complected and its to build XML name space using UiPath from scratch i also will add to your video for that if you need to check it.

Hope my answer stasify you needs and if still something not clear just update us :slight_smile:


Thanks again Mahmoud. I tried various things, and this (HTTP req, SOAP envelope as string) is the only way I got it to work.

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