Unable to invoke soap web service using SoapRequest activity using UiPath V2016.1.5999

I am trying to invoke Soap service whose wsdl meta data is not exposed. So I have wsdl, referenced xsd’s on my pc. When I test the same service using SoapUI I can invoke it sucecssfully but when I try it using SoapRequest activities Soap request Wizard, I get “Service description is not valid” error when i click on Get button after browsing to the wsdl from my pc.

Note" The wsdl is referencing the xsd stored in different directory location.
e.g.<xsd:import namespace=“http://abc.com/test/testService/cm/xsd/v1_0” schemaLocation="…/…/ServiceDefinitionFiles/Shared/CommonTypes_1_0.xsd"/>

The CommonTypes_1_0.xsd do exist in ServiceDefinitionFiles/Shared/ folder which is two level up where the wsdl is stored.

Please guide me what am I missing.

I don’t think you are missing anything because this is definitely not correct behaviour. If you do not have a public WSDL there is no means to enter the credentials for access to it. If you compare this to SoapUI, it recognises that the WSDL is not exposed and invites entry of access credentials.

UiPath offers simple authentication but only on the method invocation - this can’t take place if you can’t select a method.

In my opinion a ticket should be raised so that the ‘get’ button uses the authentication set for the invocation below.

Hi Guys Were you able to solve this issue?We are also facing the similar issue at this moment