Can't add a picture to word document

Hello friend,
sample (2).doc (51.5 KB)

I’m tryin to replace a word: {Signature}
SignatureWord.xaml (6.5 KB)
in a word document, but i had not the needed result, always the picture is hidden in the output doc, and not at the specified place.

Please find the code sample, and the picture.

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What activity you are using @abdel

WORD add picture inside word scope

the code is attached

Hi @abdel,

Are you aiming to convert a txt to a picture here?


hi @muhammedyuzuak,

No my aim is to insert a picture (jpeg, png…) into a word document, replacing or after the word {{signature}} (in the doc attached)

Hello @abdel

Whats the issue in using the Add picture activity?

You can create a bookamark to the template and use the activity.

the picture did not fully appear:


Instead of replacement can you try with a bookmark?

Hi @abdel,

We still face the same problem when we want to add it manually. This might be an issue with your document format I guess.