Problem install licence

I tried to install the license “Unattended Robot - Concurrent Runtime” but I had an error message “-6003” (see photo).

Hi @Ala_Abouda,
Please see here:

Check if your firewall is not blocking anything :slight_smile:

it’s OK to activate key but I have :
- Maintenance expire date: not set
- Subscription expire date: 18.08.20 07:00:00
- Attended: 0
- Unattended: 0
- Free: 0
- Dev: 0
- AttendedConcurrent: 0
- DevConcurrent: 0

In this case I would like to suggest you the contact with:

I sent a message yesterday to the address you sent me, but I did not get an answer.


Please be patient. They will respond soon :slight_smile: