Access Outlook mailbox folder on Citrix machine


We want to access MS Outlook mailbox folder on Citrix machine. Currently when we try to access the mailbox folder “Inbox” using activity “Get outlook mailbox”. But it shows following error:

Get outlook mail messages : Specified folder does not exist

Kindly let us know how to access Outlook group mailbox folder on Citrix machine.

P.S. we do not have Webmail link for the mailbox which we are accessing.

Omkar Shirsat


There Is no way to do this once the Uipath Studio Is not installed on the Citrix Machine. So is not possible to get the outlook mails from a remote machine. To do what you want you’ll need to work with “Click Image” Activity and/or “SendHotkeys” Activity.


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You can write a script of the task you want to perform and run it from UiPath(using hotkey). You can write the results to a file and ask the Robot to read from there (I know its a bit lengthy process, but it works)


I’m facing the same issue on the same machine not in remote machine.

It shows “Specified folder does not exist” when I run my uipath application on the same machine.

Could you help me to solve the issue?

Thanks in advance

are you passing “account” into the account property? if it is so then make this blank and let me know :slight_smile:


I mentioned MailFolder: “Inbox” , it throws exception.

I mentioned MailFolder: “” , it also throws exception. blank also throws error.

Please go through with this link and let me know :slight_smile: if still you have any doubts or problem you are facing.