Outlook citrix Automation

Hi Team,

I am accessing Client’s Citrix Applications via citrix workspace. Outlook is installed inside the Citrix environment and UiPath is installed In my local machine.

I want to download mail from Outlook but while using get outlook mail message activity I am getting an error. How do I automate Outlook then using UiPath.

Please help.


Welcome back to our UiPath community.

If you want to use Outlook activities then both UiPath and outlook should be in same system.

If it is in different system then use Exchange activities and pass server name, Domain, Username and password etc. to access mails from mailbox.

Does this exchange services work in the Citrix environment , the Outlook is in Citrix and I am accessing the outlook via client’s Citrix Portal


Yes it will work if you have enough permissions to access mailbox.

I can open the outlook directly once I have logged in into the client Citrix portal. I need credentials & two factor authentification for logging into the portal.

I am not really sure which credentials I use in the exchange activities