Access Denied in UiPath Academy



I have registered for UIPath Academy, and have done all the necessary things to be done to access it, but I’m not able to log in. I even tried resetting my password, and I did do that, but to no avail.


Hello Siddharth,

Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in UiPath Academy.

I am now looking in the platform and your user is Active. Please make sure you Log in with your username and not the email address. Your username is: Siddharth Ghosh

Let me know if this solved the issue.



Thank you so much, Roxana. That does solve my problem. I had realized my mistake a couple of minutes after i posted this question, but i couldn’t delete it. Also, it took me a while to figure out that i had my full name as my username, so it was my bad. Once again, thanks.


Hi Siddharth,

No problem - glad you managed to overcome this.

Good luck!


Hi Roxana,

Just had the same problem and had to reset my password before I realised I needed to use my username. Might be a good idea to change it to accept an email address as well as it’s easy to forget a username.

Also is the username you use linked to the username on the forum in any way? Or is this done by email address?




Yes - we get that this might be tricky - we are considering enabling email log in as well.

The username is not linked to the one on the forum.



Hello! Can’t access the academy this evening - 500 internal server error. Any idea when that would be rectified? Thanks!


I have the same issue. If the link from history, some index file is being downloaded automatically!



Thanks for reaching out - Please try to log in now, the issue has been solved.

Let me know if it persists.


Hi Goutham,

Please check to log in now. Let me know if any issues.



Hi Roxana,

I do have password issue. Got some link from uipath for reset system throws back error stating "invalid security code " . Pls help .



Hi Jai,

Please let me know the email address you used to create your account.



I am facing the same issue while login to UIParh Academy. I have activated the user name with the password that I set and faced Access Denied error and tried by changing the password.
E-Mail ID:


Hi Roxana,

I am facing problem with RPA training academy page, I am not able to login to academy page after clearing my browser history and also I could not reset the password of the academy though I am trying with correct username(sandippawar100) and email ID(, still i am not receiving any reset password link on my mail. could you please help me with the correct procedure. I want to complete the course but due to login problem I could not proceed it.


Hi Roxana,

I reply to this forum since I cannot as well login into my account. It as always worked properly but now I always have the incorrect password and access denied. My email address is Please help me solve this issue, and help me going forward with the course in the accademy.


Ok no worry. Somehow I tried one last time resetting the password and this time is working.

But still I do not understand what happened in your servers few days ago…


Dear Roxana,

I am post this in Oct,2017. And I am having this problem, where I am trying to login and it shows [access denied please check your credentials ]. Well I did go your post where you said that we must use our USERNAME and password instead of MAIL and password. Well I did that, but I still get same message. And when I tried to get access and create new account, it says that [above email id is already used to create the account]. Well i tried with multiple email ids and usernames. But it wont work the second time I try to get access, maybe like 3-4 days latter. Because of that Uipath Academy progress is ruined.

Kindly look into it and let me know how it works out. I am really freaked out because of it.



even i faced the same issue. need to write to helpdesk and got it sorted out.


I have the same issue, I cannot access the Academy or recover access using username or email id. This was also reported in the below… awaiting advice/resolution.

@Roxana_Stratila FYI


Hello all,

We are now facing some issues with the registration on the platform. Please send me a separate private message with your email and chosen username and I will manually confirm the registration of your accounts.

Thank you,

Unable to login