Unable to login


Unable to login to the above URL.
Showing username already exist and when trying to reset password by clicking on forgot password no reset password link has been sent.


This is an issue which appeared last fridat as you can see on the post under.
I’m sure we will be updated shortly once it will be resolved.


Please let me know when it will start working again.


You can send private message to @Roxana_Stratila to have it working if you provide what it required on her post bellow.


Hi i am not able to login to ui path academy my email id is visakhss1995@gmail.com and user name is visakh95

Hi i am not to login to ui path academy email id visakhss1995@gmail.com
User name visakh95

H Visakh,

I have reset your password and messaged the details to you. Please let me know if you are able to login now.


hi my user name is yog.sridhar@gmail.com. I have registered with this email ID but the login page always gives a message ‘Wrong Credentials’. I have reset the password twice but of no avail

Hi @sridhary

Please contact our Academy Support.

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Hi Shradha,

Iam unable to login with my user name (Username: Meghala M S) and password (<removed by staff, please do not post sensitive information>) in UiPath Academy

Could you please help me with this as early as possible.

Thank you.

Meghala M S

Hi @Meghala

Please contact our Academy Support as suggested above. Please do not post your credentials on the public Forum.

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I have attempted to reset my password and I get a message in green that a password reset link has been sent to my mail address shortly after I click the reset password button. I have tried this a few times now. The first one a couple of hours ago. I have also checked in my spam folder.

Is the password reset function not working right now?

Hi @dani_l

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

I would strongly advise you to contact our academy support with this issue. They will be able to assist you.


Thank your for the quick reply. I have filled out the academy support form.

Hi UIPath,

Please help since I am having a problem logging in. I press the reset password, and get the mail to reset. Then, after I reset my password, I try to log in, but get a message ‘Wrong credentials provided’
I am sure the password is correct and obviously the username(email) is correct.

What to do?


I am unable to login to Loading
User name is Roshan Ravindran
email id is roshan.ravindran@accoliteindia.com

can u please help me resolve it as soon as possible?


I am not able to login to the certification website with email id (siki115@gmail.com) and password. Even though I am trying to reset my password, the reset link is not sent to my email.

Request you to have a look at it.