Unable to log in into UiPath Academy

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum and also in the RPA world.

I wanted to do some online training on the UiPath tool however after registering myself in the UiPath Academy, now I am unable to log in into my account to start my basis training.

Can someone please guide me how can I get access to my account?

P.S - I have already tried the forgot password option but no help!



can u please share the screen of error…


This is the error that I am getting everytime I’m trying to login.


Once registered at Academy website, did u verified your email id.

You will receive an email for verification. After that u can login into academy website and subscribe the UiPath Courses.


I received the email verification and everything. I even enrolled to a training which I wanted to start with. But then this happened!!!
Is there any validity of the account which one creates in UiPath Academy… I created my account almost two months before and have not logged in since the last two weeks and now when I am trying to start over, its giving me this error.!!!


If you are trying to login with Email and Password, instead of that please try with Username and Password

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I am using my Username and Password only. The same way I used to login before.


You can send private message to @Roxana_Stratila. He will look into this.

How do we we that through this forum? I do not see any place for sending messages to someone in this forum?


Just click at @Roxana_Stratila, you can see one popup. In that u can click message option.

That message will go directly to that particular person (as a private message).

Hi @Viswanath_Reddy,

I dont have this option showing to me… I just joined the forum so I do not know if there are any things that a new person need to do before he/she can write to someone specifically!!!

This is how it is getting displayed in my screen!!!1


Here we can send message to any person/any time. No matter i am the new person at forum.

Please find the below video for more information.



First try logging in with Username(not email) and Password.
Second, if you are sure your credentials are ok, try to log in from another browser: IE.

Does this happen on Chrome browser?

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It should be she :slight_smile:

Hello @Kaustavc1991,

I send you an e-mail. Please check your inbox and let me know if you still encounter issues.


Hi Guys,

Thank you to each and everyone of you who extended their hand to assist me with my issue.

However thanks to @Irina_Catauta, I have been able to login to the academy.

You guys are awesome!!!

Kaustav Chakraborty


Great. Keep going on RPA.

They are different logins.